Safety Training Toolkit Online

About is an easy-to-use, online safety library that puts a complete collection of safety training materials on more than 70 different OSHA-required topics at your fingertips. Whether you're a experienced safety pro or someone who's just getting started, Safety Training Toolkit is the ideal resource to augment your existing safety training program. It will save you time, increases the effectiveness of training, and improve worker behavior.

  • It's designed for safety pros who want high-quality training session materials, without having to spend hours weeding through mounds of information.
  • Its modular approach, lets you pick and choose the types of materials that would be most effective for your style of training - whether it's classroom sessions or quick-hitting toolbox talks.
  • Best of all, the materials can be used as is or easily customized to include any company-specific information.

Each topic includes:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint presentations - Informative, high-quality, illustrated presentations designed to help get the message through AND keep workers interested. They can be easily customized to meet your needs or printed out - with lines for note taking - for use as handouts.
  • Speakers' Notes - Speakers notes for presentation that can literally be read word-for-word or just used as informative background material. It's your choice. Notes also include tips and suggestions for making your training session more interactive and getting workers talking.
  • Handouts - One-page handouts that can be printed and given to workers to re-enforce your training message.
  • Checklist for the trainer - A convenient list of applicable OSHA standards, training goals and items to bring to the training session.
  • Quizzes - Customizable quizzes that can be printed, given to workers, graded, and used to measure and document the success of your training.

Thousands of Safety pros have found valuable because:

  • IT'S EASY. Just select a training session from one of the over 70 OSHA-required topics and you're ready to start training.
  • IT'S COMPLETE. Presentations, Speaker's Notes, Handouts, Quizzes and Trainer Checklists are available for each topic.
  • IT'S MEASURABLE. provides a mechanism to measure the success of the training with an easy way to document that success.
  • IT CAN BE EASILY CUSTOMIZED. Your training will never get stale. Click here for easy-to-follow directions on how to add and delete information appropriate for your company.
  • IT'S UPDATED REGULARLY. The website will be updated regularly with 3 new or updated presentations to keep your training program fresh and current.
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